just right.

Light’s glowing bright in these eyes. Music’s flowing softly through these ears. Life is as wonderful to the senses as it is to the mind. Memory keeps us real. Boy have mercy on me. Finding a way to set them all free. 

The year that has given me everything I ever desired, and all I did not want to know yet.

On the plane, through space, to a place that’s waiting with open arms. 

Minerals that sparkle, hearts that bleed. Lessons. Let go, hold on. Falling into me. Appreciating wizardry. 

“My daddy is a guitar, my mumma was a banjo”, radio. My sisters are my soul, that I understand for sure. 

Releasing from attachment, it’s hard for me. Moving on comes a little too naturally. Hella yes please and thankyou so very much for this time. 

Head up.

Green eyes crying in the dark. Soft skin bleeding through the day. Little steps, giant leaps. You made it this far, you want this. Be fucking brave, again, and again, and again. 


Into myself I dive. Rattling bells, slamming doors. I’m enough I scream, overflowing with forced courage. Here I will stay, clinging to the walls of my soul. 


Charcoal- will crackle in the furness of the temple. 

Along with the tomorrows of the masters who stoke the fire. Hot little hands. Wood. Ceramics. Ashes. Cigarettes. 

Falling Trust.



Flames- the softness in the night whispers ””The wizards are here”.

Green- the color that declares kindness is the only way.

Promises- make only to yourself, forgive quickly if they are broken. 

Sage- pick something from the garden and thank the earth by tasting it.

Flowers- tell a flower a secret and contemplate its suggestions. 

Skyline- is your sister, she wants you to know courage.

Pleasure- give yourself to someone, give them your heart, and your body, and your truth.

Falling- do not be afraid, be like the snow, gently landing where it belongs.

Ether- the mind needs to rest.

Waterfalls- write a list of 5 things that will give you a high, do them tomorrow.

Rivers- flow only one way, from mountains to seas.